Eyelash Fast Growing lash enhancing serum and mascara.


Color: Black


Product information:

Eyelash Growing Liquid Grows Liquid Up And Down

Mascara and eyelash growth liquid are two different cosmetic products that are commonly used to enhance the appearance of eyelashes.

Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelashes to make them look darker, thicker, and longer.

This product contains Eyelash growth serum, it's a product that is designed to promote the growth and thickness of the eyelashes. you apply it to the base of the eyelashes with a small wand. The active ingredients in eyelash growth include peptides, vitamins, and other nutrients that support the growth and health of the eyelashes.

if you are looking to have thicker longer and healthier lashes this would be that product to buy,



Box packing size: Length :18mm Width :18mm Height :131mm
Single weight: about 28g (including carton)
Mascara net content: 3g
Color: Black
Eyelash growth liquid net content: 2g

Packing list:

Eyelash to cream*1