Life-Saving First Aid Mask for Asphyxia and Respiratory Distress.

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Options:: Blue Breathing Trainer w/Adult & Child Mask

Blue Breathing Trainer w/Adult & Child Mask
Black Breathing Trainer w/Adult & Child Mask
Green Breathing Trainer w/Adult & Child Mask
Yellow Breathing Trainer w/Adult & Child Mask
Replacement Adult Mask
Replacement Children's Mask
Replacement Adult and Child Masks
Don't Let Respiratory Emergencies Catch You Off Guard - Use Our First Aid Mask

The First Aid Mask is essential for emergency personnel, medical experts, and anyone likely to encounter asphyxia sufferers. It facilitates synthetic respiration and increases survival odds in life-threatening circumstances, also Facilitates extraction of obstructions during critical moments. Easy-to-use, efficient, and significant in emergency situations.

  • Secure seal over nose and mouth allows efficient artificial breaths.
  • Essential in any first aid, medical, or emergency response kit.
  • Particularly helpful for those in remote or isolated places with no medical aid.

Device Features:

  • Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials for comfort and safety.
  • Interchangeable Masks - Sizes for Adults and Children.
  • Transparent Design: Let's you see the removed obstruction.
  • Patented one-way valve: Prevents air from being moved through the mask.
  • An adjustable strap ensures secure fit for all patients.
  • Easy-grip handle.

Packing list: 

  • 1 Set: Large mask, small mask, a breathing valve, and a manual
  • 1 Set: Adult mask and Child mask
  • 1 Adult Mask or 1 Child Mask